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  1. candace said,

    I’m not a bra-burning, placard-carrying activist but I do believe in women’s rights and our right to be treated equally to men.
    I don’t refer to God as “She” and I believe that if I get married, my husband will be the head of our household, but I also don’t believe that the man will my “boss” or master in our home.

    I will stand up against domestic violence, rape and the general oppression of women (and men) but I won’t be saying anything like this any time soon:

    ” The English language is all about subliminal domination. Take the word “semester”. It’s a perfect example of this school’s discriminatory preference of semen to ovaries. That’s why I ‘ m petitioning to have next term be referred to as Winter Ovester.” Enid in Legally Blonde 🙂

    So I think I am a feminist, but not a militant one 😉

    • katiemcaldwell said,

      That is EXACTLY what this website is about, Candace! To dispel notions that feminists are man-hating, bra-burning extreme people. Yay for another feminist! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. Katie said,

    Feminism is about equal rights for everyone.

  3. Celina said,

    I guess I don’t have a lot of information on exactly what a feminist is except for militant women… I’m curious and will check out the rest of your site 😀

  4. Lauren V. said,

    Dispel those myths…. dispel! 🙂

  5. Aida said,

    I consider myself a feminist for the pure reason that to me feminism means I believe that women should be equal to men not just in any right but in all privilege as well. Anyone can be a feminist including men, and that is one of our biggest challenges as feminists, as we need our male allies so the responsibility of social action so the responsibility does not continue to fall primarily on our shoulders. Yet, men perpetuate to a certain degree the roles of women and the stereotypes, i.e., bra-burning feminazi. I am by no means man-bashing (see, there I go, gingerly stepping around the common stereotype, Kate we definitely need to expand the meaning of feminist!) however, I feel this conversation needs to take place with our fathers, brothers, husbands, significant others as well.

  6. katiemcaldwell said,

    Well said, Aida! Totally agree!!!!!! In this arena of social change, it is CERTAIN that women have always taken the lead. It’s difficult for me to find men that will actually say they are feminists, which is absurd…because I guarantee that it wouldn’t be too difficult to find men that believe women should have equal rights. Many are just afraid of this word. Re-educating others (including men) is exactly why I started this project. Thanks for your awesome thoughts and comments and thanks for reading!!!

  7. Maggie Mizwa said,

    As simple as the question posed was I struggled a little to answer. As far as my feelings and views regarding equality for women or for that matter equality for all people, I absolutely support it. Yet when the question are you a feminist was asked my mind went to thoughts and images of picketing, bra burning, and all of the other stereotypes constructed by society to paint the idea of feminism into a negative light, almost implying an extremist view. I almost answered unsure due to my lack of participation in the feminist movement, I mean can you really call yourself a feminist if you don’t contribute in some way to the cause? I answered that question for myself, yes you can call yourself a feminist because while you may not be marching in a protest, for most of us as woman our daily lives involve fighting for the equality of women. Our accomplishments, contributions at home and in the work place, participation in what once may have been seen as something only for men, we become a living example of the strength and ability we hold as women. Although we should be past the time of having to prove our equality as women, unfortunately we are not, so when given the opportunity to give women a voice, we should.

    • katiemcaldwell said,

      Maggie – LOVE your post (as usual). Thanks for your candor and honesty! Keep reading, I would love to hear more of your insights. Even just by reading and commenting on this post, take heart that you ARE contributing to the movement. Even the things you post on our class forum has feministic ideas and undertones! Thanks again for reading!

    • Arla Bunker said,

      Maggie, I agree with your definition. I also had to think about it for a few minutes because I was considering how others would view me. People often think I am so traditional, so I must be anti-feminist but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I might do things that are traditionally done by women but I don’t do them because I think (or my husband thinks) that it is a woman’s job. Oddly enough, he does things because he thinks it is the man’s job. For instance, even though I am driving he always jumps out to pump the gas. Who does he think pumps my gas when he is not in the car? I think men are just as “gender programmed” to do things they really don’t want to do as women are but at least they aren’t earning 30% less while doing it!

  8. Kelly said,

    I am a feminist and love being one!! But what I hate is other feminists telling me you can’t do things like wear make-up, care about fashion, etc. and still be a feminist. On the contrary, I think being a feminist means you should do what makes you feel happy and comfortable. If that means chopping your hair and burning your bra, fine, but don’t criticize those who grow thier hair long, dress sexy and wear make up. Embrace your own sense of self and what a woman should be. For me its being pretty and embracing my femininity. I love prettty much everything about being a woman, that does not mean I cannot also want equal treatment of women. I want it all!!

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